Can we bring our party on the Rollin’ Jamboree?

Party? No! Group? YES! We do accept groups, however, please note BEFORE you purchase your seats that WE ARE NOT A PARTY BUS! This is Nashville’s premier country and comedy bus tour. We do NOT allow talking or disturbances during the performance. If you, or anyone in your group, is disruptive to other guests or the hosts, you will be asked to leave the bus. We want everyone to have a fantastic time and enjoy the music and laughter. For this reason, WE NO LONGER ACCEPT BACHELORETTE PARTIES.  Groups with more than 6, please call The Jamboree to book!

What time, how long and where do we catch the bus ?

During peak season, we generally run two bus tour each day, except Sundays and Mondays. All tour times are subject to availability, please check the tickets page for availability. Days vary during non-peak season. Both the 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. tours leave from Sweet Magnolia located at 330 Commerce Street.  You must arrive to the stop 15 min to reserve seat!  The tours leave at 11:30 and 1:30 SHARP. The Rollin’ Jamboree tour typically lasts 90 minutes. Please note, we are a custom tour and times are approximate; we may run over.

Can We Park at the Loading Spot?
Yes! There is plenty of street parking around town, and there is also a pay garage directly next to Sweet Magnolia!
How do I Find Out When a Surprise Guest Artist Will Be On-Board?
The surprise is half the fun! We never release our artist information in advance, but you should always be prepared for a celebrity guest! After all, there’s a reason we say, “You never know who you’ll see on the Rollin’ Jamboree!”
Can Minors Ride the Bus?

Minors are NOT allowed on the Rollin’ Jamboree. You MUST be 21 or older to ride. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, we have a very “adult humored” tour, which is not suitable for young ears.

Is the Bus Equipped with Heat and Air Conditioning?
The bus is fully heated and we have the COLDEST air conditioning system for miles around! We aren’t even kidding… brrrr!
How Do I Buy Tickets & Use Discounts or Vouchers?

We sell tickets right here on the Music City Rollin’ Jamboree website and on our Facebook page! A couple of clicks and you are ready to ride Nashville’s favorite bus tour! Tickets prices are shown on the schedule, plus tax. You may buy tickets at the bus before departure, but if we are sold out, you are out of luck. We do NOT allow any combining of discounts or coupons. We do NOT accept coupons, vouchers or discounts for any Friday or Saturday shows. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Please note: Our entertainers work for tips!

Do You Have Assigned Seating?
The bus is seated on a first-come, first-served basis for each tour. If any seats are available at the time of departure, you can buy them on-site with cash, Visa, or Mastercard.
What If I Need to Cancel? Can I get a refund?
We are happy to reschedule your tour for another date if you have a last-minute emergency. No refunds will be given. This includes booking errors!
What If I’m Running Late for My Tour?
The Rollin’ Jamboree ALWAYS leaves on time, so you will probably be left behind. Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early. We are sorry, but due to our daily schedule, we are not able to wait for late arrivals.
Can I Bring Drinks and Food on the Tour?

Beverages, alcohol included, ARE ALLOWED on the tour.  WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY OPEN CUPS OR GLASS BOTTLES!  Styrofoam coolers are NOT permitted onto the Jamboree. Any cooler brought aboard must be six pack sized or smaller. NO ICE in coolers or bags as it melts and makes the floor slick.  Cases are not allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: we are NOT a party bus. Any rude behavior will not be tolerated.  Food is not allowed on the Rollin’ Jamboree! WE DO NOT SELL OR PROVIDE ANY BEVERAGES.

Is smoking allowed on the bus?

Please, no smoking, smokeless tobacco or vaping on the bus. 

What if there are weather issues?
This is Nashville! We rarely cancel a tour due to weather. However, if we must, we will contact you as soon as possible on your cell phone to reschedule.

During the summer months, due to the health concerns of our patrons, if the forecast predicts temperatures higher than 95 degrees, we may cancel the tour and issue full refunds.