It all started when Jenny texted Jessie at her bartending job years ago, “We are in the wrong business.” A few weeks later, they had a bus, had gotten it painted and were putting together a travelling downtown Nashville show they hoped would be
the next sensation in Music City tours. 

Jenny describes it well, “We sat down and thought of this city, of how much we love it, and the amazing parts of it we wanted to share with our guests. We thought of what we would want in a Nashville tour if we were visiting … REAL country music, stories, comedy and sight-seeing. And we started from there.” Jessie adds, “We had the tools. Jenny is a country music encyclopedia and had worked with artists in radio and booking for years. I had a Music Business degree and decades of comedy training under my belt. All we needed was the right music, and we were on our way to forming the Rollin’ Jamboree show!” A few short months later, the girls found that music in Devon, and they were off to the races.  To this day, a trip around Music City on the Rollin’ Jamboree is a personalized ride through the greatest city in the world.

If you don’t like attention, great music or irreverent comedy, this isn’t the ride for you. But if you like cutting loose, singing loudly and belly laughing with your loved ones, get a ticket, this is one show you won’t forget.